About Me

My professional career with cameras began in 2013, but the magic started as a child making home movies with my dad's camcorder, and then later with my own digital video camera. I had fun taking an A/V class, formally learning how to make short films with friends before I dropped out of highschool, and continued learning with more creative mentors. As I continued with my fun hobby, I took up photography to learn the basics of manual exposure. Soon after, I had fallen in love with shooting stills; scouring through nearly everything the internet had to offer on the subject before deciding to pursue photography professionally. From 2014 through 2018 I worked in NYC as a freelance photo and video shooter, working mostly high-end weddings & events. In the spring of 2018, I moved to Pennsylvania to pursue a new career– bicycle racing. After putting the camera down for a few years to be an athlete, I started shooting again in 2021. While currently  living in the beautiful and dynamic landscape that western Massachusetts has to offer, I continue to work freelance around the Northeast. Outside of work, I take my camera with me everywhere I go for my own artistic pursuits.

My photographs tend not to fit into any specific category; instead of any genre being the focus of my work (outside of projects & hired work), the focus has been to make the best art I can out of the scene happening in front of me. Since coming back to image making, shooting has become an art of composition, color study, tonality, and technical creativity. I like to think my photos showcase a playful and intentional mixture of those tenets. I continue to learn with every photo I take and am grateful to have rediscovered such a special thing in my life; after years of trying to squeeze myself into the box of freelance shooting, letting myself shoot what I want has led me to a personal artistic renaissance.

It's a rarity for a camera to not be resting off my shoulder these days, but when I'm not shooting I enjoy studying philosophy, playing baseball, and camping with my close ones. 

Usually, there's still a camera nearby. 

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