I started my professional career with cameras in 2013, but the magic began as a child making home movies with my dad's camcorder, and then later my own digital video camera. In high school I had fun taking an A/V class and making my own short films with friends. As I continued with my fun hobby, I took up photography to learn the basics of manual exposure. Soon after, I had fallen in love with photography and had nearly learned everything the internet had to offer before deciding to pursue photography professionally. From 2014 through 2018 I worked in NYC as a freelance photographer and videographer, shooting mostly high-end weddings & events.

In the spring of 2018, I moved to Pennsylvania to pursue a new career– bicycle racing. After  putting the camera down for a few years to be an athlete, I started shooting again in 2021. While living in the beautiful and vast New England landscape that western Massachusetts has to offer, I continue to work freelance around the Northeast. When a camera isn't in my hand, I enjoy camping, studying philosophy, and playing baseball. 

There's still usually a camera involved. 

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