My Approach

Modern wedding photography is more beautiful and vivid than ever before. Cameras are getting better at seeing in the dark and more people are learning how to take bright and airy photos. The problem I see happening is that a lot of photographers have the same style– bright, colorful, clean, and poppy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that style; it's incredible to see how dependable so many different shooters are becoming when it comes to delivering a good looking product. It just leaves me feeling like that look is stale and overused. 

When I first started in wedding photography in 2012, I saw this trend and felt like I had to join in. It took me nearly ten years to realize this was not what comes naturally for me.  

So what does come naturally for me? Documenting the scene in front of me as beautifully and, for lack of better words, naturally as I can. Not every image needs to be bright and colorful. 

Of course, a lot of the time bright and colorful are exactly what fits the bill. 

The truth is that my color and tonal aesthetics for every event are going to vary. This way, instead of every event I shoot looking the same, each one gets the look that harmonizes with and adds magic to your memories.  This is my approach. 

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